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Very cute and informative

I have used this app during my whole pregnancy. Everyday there are different blogs you can read regarding the week of pregnancy you are currently in. It makes fun and its very useful.

Good app!!!

Very good App!!! I strongly recommend it to every mom to be.

Only free until 15 weeks

You cant read beyond 15 weeks without paying for the app. I thought it would at least let you read about the current week youre in, but 15 weeks you either have to pay for it or delete it. Ill be deleting it.

Wonderful App

This is a wonderful and comprehensive app. Ive been using it since the beginning of my pregnancy (now Im 37 weeks) and I have been very satisfied and well informed thanks to this app. The information, graphics, and logs have been incredibly useful and I always look forward to reading about the new week.

Great app

Loved this app

Like it

I like this app. I find it better than others.

Loved this app

I used it daily while I was pregnant. It was easy to follow and gave you ideas of what stage you baby was in. I checked on the size daily plus it showed what was to come in the calendar for scans or tests. Loved it!

Mrs. J. Jack

The best pregnancy app I found to be informative and useful!


Love this app!

Amazing app!

Better than most pregnancy apps! No errors or issues, I love this app. This is my second time using this app for pregnancy and I will use for each pregnancy I have!

Love this App

This app has everything I needed during my pregnancy. I used the kick counter and appointment tracker so often and it helped make life easier. Husband loved the weekly reports on baby growth. Love this app!


This has been one of my favourite pregnancy apps. They have new information everyday. There is always something new to read. Always very helpful and easy to navigate. There are a lot of different tools for you to use throughout your pregnancy.


This is my first pregnancy and love all the updates and information I get about myself and the baby. The upgrade is also VERY much worth paying for.

Only available for 1st trimester

Loved this app through all of my first trimester but it blocks you out of certain things once the second trimester starts (baby growth info pages and info about whats happening inside your body, etc). Lame! Have to find a new app now.

Favourite pregnancy app

I have a few pregnancy apps, but this is the one I use the most! Its well put together - beautiful, user friendly, full of useful and interesting info, and all in all thoughtfully designed. Glad I purchased the full app during my first pregnancy, and its the main app Im coming back to for my second pregnancy.

Handy and wise!

This app helps a lot understand the whole process of pregnancy, its common doubts and brings a lot of useful tips for parents (mainly first-time ones) to enjoy this awesome period. Highly recommended!!

Overall, a great app

This app has a lot of really useful information, especially for first-time moms. I enjoy reading about my babys growth and milestones in utero and being able to track things like my weight and the babys kicks. I do find the daily information to be repetitive and I expect more variety considering I paid for the full 40 week version. The blogs and posts are also rife with spelling and grammatical errors; while this likely isnt important to many, it is to me. Something I find extremely disappointing is that if you suffer a miscarriage while using the app, the only way to reset it is by saying your baby had been born and entering a birth date. I let the developers know how insensitive this is and got a response saying it was something they were aware of and that they were working towards a solution. Overall, I enjoy using this app and would say I am getting value out of upgrading to the "plus" version since I use it daily.

Amazing app

Lovin it since the day a got pregnant

Great app!

I used it this app throughout my pregnancy and loved it. Great information, easy to follow and even my husband enjoyed it.

Excellent App

Very informative app. Has helped me throughout the pregnancy.

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